You’re in a place of change…

Years have accumulated since your college graduation and while others are moving on with their lives building their careers and starting families, here are you questioning a career change.

You’ve stumbled upon a passion for medicine that either wasn’t present before or perhaps it’s taken you some time to summon the courage to start your pre-med journey.

Or, simply the timing just wasn’t right.

But now it is.

So here you are, seasoned with time and full of experiences ready to change gears and chase after your DoctorGoals.

But now you face a new dilemma:

Are you too old to go to medical school?

Unfortunately, in our society, it is so easy to get caught up in where we are “supposed” to be in life that it can be detrimental.

For some, being in your mid-20s or later is “too old” to go back to school but the reality is, age is just a number.

Let me repeat this: Age is just a number.

Heard that before right? I’m sure you have.

But trust me…

As I write this, I am deep in my residency training and after meeting TONS of successful medical students, residents, and practicing doctors, I’ve realized just how common it is to have an uncommon journey to becoming a doctor.

I’ve met a fair share of traditional students who went to medical school right out of college, but have met several (and I mean several) successful pre-med students who had an unpredictable path to medical school. Some were in their 20s when they started school but many were older.

Wait, what? Yes!

That is one of the reasons why I created DoctorGoals back in 2016. I really want to show people that they really can dream BIG no matter the obstacle, circumstance, or your age.

So you’re a little more seasoned and you want to change gears and work towards becoming a doctor.

  • Do you have to start over? Don’t worry.

  • Behind in your pre-med reqs? You are one of many.

  • Not sure where to start? I’m here to help!

First and foremost, I commend you for even considering making this change. It’s not easy and it takes a lot of courage, sacrifice, and dare I say, a leap of faith.

A lot of people are too afraid to take a risk and make a change and they live with regret for the rest of their lives.

I always believed in at least giving something a try despite the odds rather than assuming it wouldn’t work out.

You’d be amazed by what you can accomplish if you truly dedicate yourself and work your tail off.

Also, know that you are NOT alone. There are many non-traditional pre-med students who’ve come from all walks of life and have found success.

Sure, it takes:

  • Hard work

  • Patience

  • Creativity

And a heck of a lot of grit.

But they key is to know that IT IS DOABLE!

You got this.

As you change gears, here are a few things to get out of your system now, accept, and move on (because, who really cares):

Accept that you’re going to be in class with people younger than you

…and you may always be the older/oldest pre-med student. But once you get to medical school and especially residency, I guarantee you that you’re going to find people older than you in your class.

Accept that you’re behind

…but that doesn’t mean you can’t catch up. The key is to ignore everyone else and focus on you. What’s most important? You’re journey. Your story is your story and is not the same as the other pre-med students so why should you compare yourself to them?

If you’re changing gears after college, of course you’re going to be “behind”. Accept it and move on. Don’t be hard on yourself because your 20-year-old self didn’t know you wanted to become a doctor.

So you’re changing gears. So what!? Embrace the change and don’t let an age make you insecure. Rather, be proud of yourself!

Actually believe that age is just a number

So you’ve heard this before…

But you have to believe it if you’re going to make a career change, especially when you’re about to start this process, which is a LONG journey.

If you’re insecure about your older age, it’s going to become another hurdle for you to overcome

…as if you need another.

Believe that your experiences up until now are for good reason – good or bad, take them as lessons learned and tools gained that you can apply to become a better you.


At the end of the day, do what makes YOU happy. Don’t let your age, insecurities, or self-doubt hold you back.

This is your life. You mine as well live it the way you want.

And give yourself a pat on the back for starting this new chapter in your life.

You should be proud.

– Dr. Trot