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Heather was used to excelling at everything she did, especially in school. A “straight A” student, Heather even overcame debilitating scoliosis and was a cheerleader in college.

But look a little deeper and you’ll find a story of overcoming the odds and finding a way to achieve your goals.

Like many medical school hopefuls, Heather struggled with the MCAT. After not receiving her goal score despite 3 attempts, Heather went for it and applied to U.S. medical schools. Unfortunately, all she heard back was rejection after rejection. She then found out about another route and decided to apply to Caribbean medical schools.

– What are the pros and cons of going to Caribbean medical school?

– How does it compare to U.S. medical schools?

– What does it cost?

If you need inspiration to continue fighting for your DoctorGoals, listen to Heather’s story.

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