One of the challenges in being a pre-med student is that life doesn’t stop so you can focus all of your time and energy on getting into medical school. The majority of you (if not all) are juggling time-consuming, demanding schedules while working hard to develop an application that “glistens and shines” so you defy the odds and get into medical school.

Add to that your other life obligations and things get complicated and overwhelming.


How in the world do you balance multiple schedules and stay on your feet despite life’s curveballs?


As a former D1 collegiate athlete who juggled my athletics with the rigorous pre-med curriculum (and a second major), I had to learn how to master time management.

Despite my super busy schedule, I graduated with honors and got into medical school.

What was my secret to success? Well, one was definitely being schedule oriented. The Study Planner is the method I used to:

  • Organize my daily and weekly schedule.

  • Develop an efficient study planner.

  • Prioritize my time.

  • Get ahead!

…and I wanted to share it with you. I used this same method in medical school, which really helped me stay afloat rather than “drown” in the oceans of medical school.

Study efficiently.

(Includes 4 pages)