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Episode 11: The Passionate Doctor – Is It in You 

Brief: Finding your true self is difficult in this crazy maze that people call life. We all envision our lives to go a certain way and are met with unexpected road bumps and challenges that knocks us off our feet. How do you navigate through life, find success, and find your true calling? Manjot (a fourth year medical student at the time of the recording, now an Emergency Medicine resident) and I go deep into our personal journeys to medicine, share our struggles, and why we are so passionate about the medical field.

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Episode 9: A Surgeon’s Courage to Try Again

Brief: You worked so hard for this moment…you got into medical school, survived medical school, and just finished applying to residency. Everything comes down to this moment and you are full of excitement, nervousness, and curiosity. Did I match?
My interview with Leah is a great example of what it means to never give up on your dream even if you do not succeed on your first attempt. Leah did not match into orthopedic surgery the first time she applied. Was she devastated? Absolutely. Did she give up? No.
In this episode, Leah shares how she coped with this devastating “failure”,  how she readjusted her strategy, and the awesome advice she has for you.

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Episode 2: A First Year Ob/Gyn Resident Talks About Her Journey to Medicine & Gives a Glimpse of What Residency is Like
Episode 3: Why It’s Important to be an Informed Applicant
Episode 4 (Part 1): The Non-Conventional Applicant Who Got into Medical School Without a Degree
Episode 4 (Part 2): What the 3rd and 4th Years of Medical School Are like (What you Have to Look Forward to)
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Episode 5 (Part 2): MCAT! MCAT! MCAT!
Episode 6: Overcoming a Low MCAT Score
Episode 7: From Firefighting to Emergency Medicine – A Non-Traditional Student’s Unexpected Journey to Medicine
Episode 8: Getting Married During Medical School – How to Balance a Relationship While Chasing the “Doctor Dream”
Episode 9: A Surgeon’s Courage to Try Again
Episode 10: Overcoming the Odds
Episode 11: The Passionate Doctor – Is It in You?    *MOST POPULAR*
Episode 12: MD vs. DO – Are They Really That Different?
NEW! Episode 13: Failure Breeds Success

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