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Episode Summaries

Episode 12: MD vs. DO – Are They Really That Different?

Summary: Have you ever wondered what the difference is in MD doctor and an DO doctor? Chris is a second year DO medical student who had quite the circuitous path to medicine. Starting out as a business major, Chris had many job titles before he decided to become a doctor. A non-traditional student, Chris began medical school at age 31. Ironically, at age 26 he thought he was “too old” to go to medical school so temporarily closed the door until his early thirties. Why? You’ll just have to listen to find out.

In this inspiring interview, Chris opens up about what it was like to be an older applicant, shares his fascinating journey to medicine, and we dive deep into the differences and similarities of attaining an MD (attend an allopathic medical school) and a DO (attend an osteopathic medical school).

Topics discussed:

  • Differences and similarities between MD and DO

  • Overcoming a low MCAT score

  • Applying as a non-traditional student

  • Benefits of becoming a scribe

  • Importance of believing in yourself


Episode 11: The Passionate Doctor – Is It in You   ** A MUST LISTEN **

Summary: Finding your true self is difficult in this crazy maze that people call life. We all envision our lives to go a certain way and are met with unexpected road bumps and challenges that knocks us off our feet. How do you navigate through life, find success, and find your true calling? Manjot (a fourth year medical student at the time of the recording, now an Emergency Medicine resident) and I go deep into our personal journeys to medicine, share our struggles, and why we are so passionate about the medical field.


Episode 10: Overcoming the Odds

Summary: Jordan is a second year emergency medicine resident who initially considered becoming both a lawyer and a doctor. Currently focused on the “MD route”, Jordan walks you through her journey as a pre-med student as she recounts one of her biggest hurdles: failing organic chemistry in college. How in the world did she get into medical school despite having a glaring “F” on her transcript?

Topics discussed:

  • Overcoming a low grade

  • Setting up your MCAT study schedule

  • MCAT resources to use

  • How to stay inspired!


Episode 9: A Surgeon’s Courage to Try Again

Summary: Need inspiration? My interview with Leah is a great example of what it means to never give up on your dream even if you do not succeed on your first attempt. Leah (a surgical resident) did not match into orthopedic surgery the first time she applied. Was she devastated? Absolutely. Did she give up? No. In this episode, Leah shares how she coped with this “loss” and what she did that helped her match the second time.

Topics discussed:

  • Applying to residency (orthopedic surgery)

  • Not matching, how to succeed the second time

  • USMLE Step 1


Episode 8: Getting Married During Medical School – How to Balance a Relationship While Chasing the “Doctor Dream”

Summary: Ali is a second year family medicine resident who is a year shy from completing her training but if you’ve noticed a trend so far, every successful applicant had to overcome something in their journey. For Ali, it was the infamous MCAT. Despite having a perfect GPA, Ali was limited by her average MCAT score quickly realized that despite her strong overall application, the MCAT would be her “anchor”. But it didn’t stop her! In addition to diving deep in the MCAT and how to strategically chose which medical schools to apply to, we also talk about how to balance personal relationships while enduring the rigors of medical school as this resident got married during medical school. How? Press play to find out.

Topics discussed:

  • Being a chief resident

  • Test taking strategies / MCAT

  • How to chose which medical schools to apply to

  • Choosing a major in college

  • Balancing a relationship as a pre-med and medical student / Getting married while in medical school


Episode 7: From Firefighting to Emergency Medicine – A Non-Traditional Student’s Unexpected Journey to Medicine

Summary: A 3rd year medical student (currently working on his MBA before starting his fourth year of medical school) talks about his unexpected journey to medicine. A previous real estate agent and firefighter, today’s guest shows that it’s never too late to start your dreams…he started medical school at 29! (Hey, age is just a number.) Our guest also shares his most valuable MCAT tip, how to approach the personal statement, and much more!

Topics discussed:

  • Being a non-traditional applicant

  • MCAT prep

  • Personal statement strategies

  • Why he decided to get his MBA


Episode 6: Overcoming a Low MCAT Score

Summary: In this interview, I talk with Kate who is a first year Med/Peds resident and we go deep into the fear of every pre-med student: doing poorly on the MCAT. Kate, who had a perfect GPA in college, was used to excelling in everything she did but was shocked when she found out that she “bombed” her first MCAT (she ended up taking it three times). Kate talks about why she didn’t give up and how she was able to improve her MCAT score and ultimately receive eight medical school interviews.

Topics discussed:

  • How to chose a college major

  • Overcoming the MCAT


Episode 5 (Part 2): MCAT! MCAT! MCAT!

Summary: The first year medical student (featured in Part 1) and I dive deep into the the four letter word that is often the “Achilles” of many pre-medicine students: MCAT! We talk about when to take it, how to study for it (especially if you have to retake it), and test strategies that helped this applicant. Plus, we tell you what many successful applicants believe to be the MOST important study tool.

Topics discussed:

  • MCAT!!!


Episode 5 (Part 1): Strong Academics = Acceptance Right? Not for This Student

Summary: This first year medical student talks about what it was like to apply with a competitive application and NOT get into medical school on his first attempt. He had the right application with a strong GPA, competitive MCAT score, and sound extracurriculars but fell short on the interview trail. How could that happen when he practiced for the interviews? In this episode, we talk about the mistakes he made, how he dramatically improved his interview skills, and the strategies he wish he knew the first time he applied, which ultimately helped him to get in the second time around. Have a medical school interview coming up? Listen to this episode first!

Topics discussed:

  • Interviews!!!

  • Not getting into medical school


Episode 4 (Part 2): What the 3rd and 4th Years of Medical School Are like (What you Have to Look Forward to)

Summary: Brent (featured in part 1) and I continue to share our medical school experiences and give you a glimpse of what the second half of medical school is like.

Topics discussed:

  • How to study in medical school

  • How this student graduated from medical school with honors


Episode 4 (Part 1): The Non-Conventional Applicant Who Got into Medical School Without a Degree

Summary: You read that right! This student got into medical school WITHOUT a Bachelor’s degree, tells you how, and whether or not he recommends you do the same.

Topics discussed:

  • How to get STRONG letters of recommendations

  • What the first 2 years of medical school are like


Episode 3: Why It’s Important to be an Informed Applicant 

Summary: Today’s guest is a first year medicine resident who is completing her internship in internal medicine before specializing in radiation oncology. In our interview, she talks about how helpful it was to go to a college that had a strong pre-med program that started preparing her for the medical school application process from day one. Our guest also shares why she decided to pursue radiation oncology, a field that is close to home.

Topics discussed:

    • Importance of being an informed applicant

    • Research: yes or no?

    • MCAT prep

    • Writing the personal statement


Episode 2: A First Year Ob/Gyn Resident Talks About Her Journey to Medicine & Gives a Glimpse of What Residency is Like

Summary: Months away from finishing her first year of residency, today’s guest walks us through her journey to medicine step by step. Ashley, a traditional applicant, initially struggled in the beginning of college but found a way to successfully complete the pre-med requirements and finish with a competitive GPA. As a bonus, she gives us a glimpse of what it’s like to be an Ob/Gyn resident and makes Alana a little nervous.

Topics discussed:

  • Which major to chose

  • MCAT prep

  • Benefits of taking time off before medical school

  • Residency


Episode 1: From a 2.9 Freshman GPA to a Successful Medical Student

Summary: A 2nd year medical student talks about what it was like to apply to medical school as a non-traditional student. He did not have the perfect GPA or top MCAT score, but he shares how he morphed into a competitive applicant despite starting college with a 2.9 GPA.

Topics discussed:

  • Being a non-traditional applicant

  • Choosing medical schools

  • How to sell yourself in an interview

  • How this student would study for the MCAT now