Dear Pre-Med Student,

You knew this wouldn’t be a walk in the park…


The moment you proudly said, “I want to be a doctor” was an exciting but life changing day. Opening the door to your doctor dream led to a rush of anxiety and “oh s**t” moments circulated by your new theme song titled, “Am I good enough?”


Many of us are Type A individuals who strive to be the top of the class, so we study late into the night and load our schedules to diversify our application so when it comes time to apply to medical school, we wait patiently for the golden ticket followed by pats on the back and a post on Instagram with the #medschoolbound.


But the reality is, most of us are everyday people who hide our insecurities, feel we aren’t doing enough, and wonder if we’ll even make it. And let’s not even talk about the MCAT 🙄…


You knew this wouldn’t be a walk in the park but you didn’t know there were so many potholes, dead ends, or windy storms, so now you’re wondering why you’re even here.


But dear pre-med student…


What you’re feeling is normal and all of us medical students, residents, and practicing doctors experienced similar emotions, *especially* the fear of not making it. But you’re here and THAT deserves a pat on the back.


Know that you don’t have to be perfect nor should you compare yourself to others. Remember, the grass always seems greener on the other side. Stay in your lane, focus on you, and prepare to run YOUR marathon.


You’ll have good days and some bad. You’ll cruise through some courses and struggle in others.


It’s normal.


So you might as well pull up a chair for your stress and anxiety because they’ll be along this long, bumpy ride. But don’t let them be the driver. You are.


* Signed *

Dr. Trot aka a former pre-med who understands…