Pre-Med Templates


It’s common knowledge that you need good grades to get into medical school but for many students, this is no easy feat. While balancing a difficult curriculum with everyday life obligations, it can be challenging  to study it all and thus, do well in your courses.

I learn by repetition…

Study • Review • Practice Questions • REPEAT

As I studied, I noticed that there were times when I just couldn’t remember something, didn’t quite understand a concept, or often got something wrong when doing practice questions. It becomes frustrating.

So I created a solution…

Rather than closing the books and giving up, I put the facts and concepts that I struggled with on a separate piece of paper and read through each every single day until I knew the information well and I no longer shied away from the subject. Whatever you dread studying is what you need to study.


What goes on the template:

  • Anything you are struggling with whether it’s understanding a concept or remembering a diagram.

  • Something you keep getting wrong when doing practice questions.

As you’re studying, if any of the above pops, pull out your Daily Review Template and jot it done. Don’t waste time making it pretty. Remember, it’s important to spend your time wisely and at the end of the day, your GPA severely outweighs your pretty notes.

Once a day, spend a few minutes reading through your Daily Review sheet(s). If there are diagrams, it may help to sketch it out first on a separate piece of paper to see what you remember then compare it to what’s on your sheet and/or in your textbook.

I used this method in conjunction with the High Yield Template. Used together, it really just takes about 5 minutes out of your day but goes a LONG way.

Improve your score.

(Includes versions in green, blue, pink, dark grey, and red)