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Success Story #6: How A Strong Academic Record Opens Doors

Pre-Med Years   Why did you decide to become a doctor? I really enjoyed my science classes throughout high school, especially AP Biology and AP Psychology. I also had personal experience with the medical field through my interactions with physicians... Read More

Success Story #5: From Walk-on To Starting Linebacker, How This Athlete Muscled Through Adversity

This success story hits home…literally! The Division I athlete featured in this success story is actually my little brother Marcus who is currently a first year medical student. It’s funny, once my younger brothers (Marcus has an identical twin) started... Read More

Success Story #4: “Yes I Got In, But I Dare You To Read This First”

Any medical school advice platform can provide useful tips on “how to get into medical school”. There are fundamental commonalities about the application process. Ask anyone and they’ll give you the vague answer, “Get good grades and do well on... Read More

Success Story #3: The Unconventional Applicant – No Bachelor’s Degree? No Problem.

The Unconventional Applicant: How This Student Got In WITHOUT A Bachelor’s Degree   Why did you decide to become a doctor? I was one of those students who grew up with a parent in the medical field, which gave me... Read More

Success Story #2: The Resilient Student Who Overcame A Below Average MCAT and GPA

Before I started medical school, I thought there was a “recipe” for success among pre-medicine applicants: get good grades, do well on the MCAT, and have a well-rounded application with supportive letters of recommendation. That’s straightforward right? Well, that’s what... Read More

Success Story #1: How Alana Got Into Medical School

This is a long post (3 pages). I wanted to provide a lot of detail in hopes of providing as much useful advice as possible. The post is organized into sections. Feel free to read it in snippets or digest... Read More