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3 Myths About Being Pre-Med: Part I

1. You need a 4.0 GPA Ah, the highly coveted 4.0 GPA that us “Type A” folks salivate over. Yum… Well, truth be told, many successful pre-med students got into medical school without having that “perfect”, shiny 4.0 GPA. This... Read More

Too old for medical school?

You’re in a place of change… Years have accumulated since your college graduation and while others are moving on with their lives building their careers and starting families, here are you questioning a career change. You’ve stumbled upon a passion... Read More

Dear Pre-Med Student…

Dear Pre-Med Student, You knew this wouldn’t be a walk in the park…   The moment you proudly said, “I want to be a doctor” was an exciting but life changing day. Opening the door to your doctor dream led... Read More

Profile of the Successful Pre-Med Student

Hey, future docs! I am so happy to share some “words of wisdom” with you from my AMAZING tutor I had when I was in college. As a busy pre-med student-athlete with two majors, I often missed lectures, had less... Read More

5 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE I Applied To Medical School

#1 The MCAT does NOT equate to your potential as a medical student or future physician As I write this, I am a month shy from my medical school graduation. I cannot believe that I will actually be “Dr. Trot”... Read More

3 Things You Should Do Right After Declaring “Pre-Med” As Your Major

As you probably know, the road to becoming a doctor is very long. In college, when I told people that I was “pre-med” they would often ask how long the training was until I was a full fledged doctor. “I... Read More

Dr. Trot’s Top 10 MCAT Tips

1. Learn the material in the classroom first. Taken from NAME OF BOOK as this student said it oh so well: “Try to actually learn the material in your undergraduate courses. Don’t just try to get good grades. If you... Read More

Success Story #1: How Alana Got Into Medical School

This is a long post (3 pages). I wanted to provide a lot of detail in hopes of providing as much useful advice as possible. The post is organized into sections. Feel free to read it in snippets or digest... Read More